Koh Samui  Thai Shuya Guan ~ challenge north market lowest price! Getting Thai massage 2H1000、give you most substantial price、most top massage technology, a graceful Shu Ya environment ,come and let you experience body、heart to get easy to keep liberation joyful to come!


There is no magnificent putting and only a quiet simple Shuya elegant environment、we adhere to the guests to the best massage techniques to allow you in this busy city、there is a quiet elegant stores、to help you day fatigue and pressure、in this 2 hours in the liberation of pleasure、do not have to go abroad in Taipei、you can enjoy the most authentic Thai Shuya enjoy~!


Koh Samui Thai Shuya Guan belongs to one of the Thai island of Phuket Direct  Store, it is separately in branch at Lujhou  TianmuYungho headquartersKeelung Franchise Storehoping to bring more different comfortable press and enjoy to you!


The energy of the human body from the daily intake of the air we breathe and the food、the body's energy lines to allow the energy field、including activities、called energy call that energy passages through which vital energy circulates. Thai ancient type  Shuya Conditioning the body to concentrate the most important of the 10 energy lines、the division will stimulate Shuya's line domain and points to help conditioning the body to clear the site of block、Shujin live clock、keeping fit、reduce pain and discomfort. When the body is stimulated、clear and balance the body's energy flow、it will give the body's natural healing ability.


Shuya …..this appears to be simple、not changing、just some yoga postures with the training、a whole set of movements are flexible and graceful、have rhythm and smooth feeling like dance. Such conditioning is in line with the whole of ideas、because of its ability to fully take into account the physical、psychological and spiritual needs. In the course of treatment、not merely pressing the state of mind that a teacher will be in distillation easily、guests can also enjoy the meditation with very calm、peaceful consciousness.


Koh Samui  Thai Shuya Guan serve you hold the body、mind、and spirit、the ideals of health and happiness for you. While carrying on the Thai ancient type massage、the guests can totally relax、all lightness of mind and feel that they have released all the pressure. Koh Samui  Thai Shuya Guan have massage technology skillful master worker、quiet and beautiful neat environment、come here、allows you to have a period of absolute calm of a pleasant journey to relax.


Thai ancient type the origin of Thai massage can be traced from the Indus civilization、with a long history India Brahmanism and Buddhism to health and concept of medical treatment culture Indus River the first day of the lunar month、integrate and combine religious philosophy and collateral channels to pay attention to angrily. The founder of Thailand type massage is resisting and curing the subject storehouse agate of Jua of an ancient Indian king、his traditional medical knowledge and valuable experience of massage are introduced to Thailand by the monk preaching、Thai people still regard  as" father of medicine " Thai massage in Thailand is not only the physical health of medical assistive technologies as well as the ancient King of kings and nobles used to entertain noble courtesy too. 


The basic principle of Thailand type massage is similar to Oriental acupuncture point channels and collaterals vitality,the Thai type massage master worker thinks that spread all over a lot of passways in people's body、transmit and support the untiring energy of physical and psychological operation、if the internal passway is blocked、life energy will not circulate smoothly、then it is uncomfortable to cause、and press the position、can impel the passway smoothly、lighten and dispel the original illness.


Customer under the guidance massage instruction help put each position、the division by hand massage to push、pull、press、pressure of the body branch customers、is to open up the energy channels and points、so that the energy of life the free movement of such joint activities to enhance posture and dexterity、to strengthen the internal organs and immune system function、endocrine regulation and to remove harmful substances in the body、ease muscle tension and mental fatigue.


Nowadays、Thailand type massage is in the popularization day by day of all parts of the world、stimulate through physics of the special tactics、act on the specific position the human body surface、permeate through muscle、muscle membrane、tendon、bone joint、nerve、blood vessel、lymph,etc. through the skin、have a series of physiological and pathological changes in the functional recovery of the body to achieve the purpose of treating disease、a very suitable living busy and the cumulative pressure of modern people


Taiwan is also introducing a number of highly skilled master of Thai massage、don’t need to spend tickets money  fly to Thailand, can enjoy pure and healthy Thai type ancient law massage in Taiwan!

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